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Author Heats Up on Multiple Fronts


Christopher Klim, a cult favorite in the US and UK for his first novel, Jesus Lives in Trenton, returns in spring 2004 with a praised new novel (Everything Burns) and a magazine launch (Writers Notes Magazine).

“Absorbing reading,” proclaims Booklist of Everything Burns. “Grabs readers with a solid plot, a unique motive for the killer, and a convincing secondary story.”

“Better than it’s illustrious predecessor,” says Circle Magazine. “Even slicker, sexier.”

Built on years of research into the rare compulsive disorder of pyromania, Klim admits an attraction to fire. “I’ve spent nights sifting through the ashes with fire investigators and executing hours of interviews with psychologists,” the author claims in a recent interview. “What was repellant at first became intriguing, my own compulsion. Whenever I visited a new city, I scanned the newspapers for recent fires. I’d stop at city blazes and ask questions. I’d wonder if this fire was an accident or intentionally set. It’s not always obvious.”

Also heating up is Klim’s literary publication, Writers Notes Magazine, the printed extension of the international free resource tool at WNM offers stories, articles, interviews, poetry, visual arts, and the results of the Writers Notes Book Awards, defining eleven categories of independent publishing excellence.

“Writers Notes Magazine is a forum for contemporary writing,” Klim says. “I wanted to pry open the narrowly defined, inaccessible literary market.”

On tour, Klim is known for spirited readings and crowded seminars on writing and publishing. This year, his Break into Print seminar carries a dual agenda. “I’m regularly handed manuscripts from writers seeking commentary.” Klim says. “Once in a while, I discover a promising new voice. Now, I can publish the best in an upcoming magazine issue.”

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