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Orange Award Short-list Author C.N. Adichie Speaks in Writers Notes Magazine Exclusive


In another exclusive from the fledgling literary publication Writers Notes Magazine, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie speaks to Behlor Santi about her Orange Award nominated book, Purple Hibiscus.

“I was born seven years after the war ended,” Adichie told Writers Notes Magazine. “My parents lived through it though, and it is mostly their stories of the war that made me become fascinated with it and with documenting it through fiction. My brother Chuks was born during the war, and a day after my mother wrapped him up and left the hospital, a bomb blew off the hospital roof.”

"There is enormous talent in Africa and what is lacking is the opportunity to showcase it," Adichie continues. "I have a small group of African writer friends with whom I keep in touch often."

Adichie discusses her novel, her writing, and future projects in WNM. The complete interview is available in Writers Notes Magazine Issue #1. (

Writers Notes Magazine was created by cult author Christopher Klim (Everything Burns, Jesus Lives in Trenton) in response to the current state of the literary arts. It is now being compared to the Paris Review in its early days.

“What is being dubbed as good and acceptable in literature has become narrowly focused and exclusive,” says Klim in a recent interview. “Exclusion, politically correct, reverence, polite even, runs against every precept of a vocation in letters.”

Klim’s latest novel, Everything Burns, is being heralded as a stunning portrayal of a serial arsonist. Booklist calls it “absorbing reading.”

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